3 Tips for Designing a Nursery


Getting ready for your baby to come is an exciting part of pregnancy. A big part of that is setting up the area where your new little bundle of joy will sleep. If you're designing a nursery, we would like to offer you a few tips to help make it a little easier.

Beyond Pink and Blue

A lot of parents still go the traditional route, painting a boy's nursery blue, and a girl's nursery pink. While there's nothing wrong with this, consider stepping outside of this tradition. Pick a theme, like Disney characters, jungle animals, or even a recurring pattern--chevron stripes, polka dots, etc. With a theme in mind, you can give your baby a beautiful and unique room, and you won't be limited to a single color palette.

Growth Potential

When designing your baby's nursery, think about the future. Will the space and design function for your child when he or she is 4, 6, or even 10? Try to create a design that will grow with your child. Your son might outgrow Winnie the Pooh fairly quickly, but he will probably love trains for several years. The better your design is at growing with your child, the less often you have to redecorate!


Of course you want to create a beautiful nursery for your baby, but don't forget about the functionality of the space. You can buy a beautiful antique changing table, but you're going to end up hating it if it doesn't have the storage space you need. Buy furniture that is both beautiful and functional, and arrange it in a way that allows you to easily access everything you need to care for your new little addition.

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