3 Tips on Choosing a Baby’s Name


Naming your child can be a big decision. Many couples struggle over this decision, and may even have fights over it. People buy baby name books, ask others for advice, and even research their family history for name ideas. In the end, nobody is better suited to name your baby than you; however, here are 3 tips to help you choose a name for your baby.

Ignore Trends

Some people get so caught up in what baby names are trending this year that they forget about everything else. Don't let a trend name your baby. Your baby's name should be meaningful to you and your spouse. Pick something that you love, no matter where it ranks in popularity on the Internet.

Know Your Tastes

Some people prefer traditional names, while others prefer more unique names. You need to know your preferences before naming your child. "John" might sound good to you at first, but are you going to wish you'd done something more unique later on? On the flip side, you might think "Arianthe" sounds beautiful at first, and end up wishing you'd named your daughter something a little easier to pronounce. Know yourself and your tastes so that you don't make a hasty decision you'll regret later.

Meet Your Baby

Many parents go into the delivery without a name picked out; they believe that they will know the child's name when they meet him or her. If all else fails, have a few names in mind, and stop thinking about it. Sometimes, when you meet your child, you just know what name to choose.

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