4 Safe Pregnancy Exercises


Expectant moms who exercise have increased energy, avoid unhealthy weight gain, and have a lower incidence of depression. With all of these benefits, it’s time to put on the Lycra and get to work. Here are 4 safe pregnancy exercises:


Walking is a great, low impact exercise to maintain cardiovascular health and fight against excessive weight gain. It’s also an inexpensive option as all it requires is a supportive pair of shoes and the road.


Relaxation and breathing techniques learned in yoga can be applied during labor and delivery. Additional benefits include increased flexibility and limber joints. Use a DVD or attend a class specifically for pregnancy, as these will avoid overstretching or any poses that could put baby at risk.

Weight training

Lifting weights is an excellent way to prepare for all of the time that will be spent holding baby. Moms-to-be should skip the heavy weights and instead focus on high repetitions with light weights. Be sure to use slow, controlled movements, and do not do any lifting while lying on the back as the increased abdominal pressure can restrict blood flow to the heart.


Perhaps the safest exercise for expectant mothers, swimming does not put any additional pressure on the joints or involve any risk of falling and causing injury to the baby. Try walking or running in the pool or aquatic Zumba to add variety to workouts.

Always speak with a doctor prior to beginning any exercise program. Discuss which options may be best and aim for at least 30 minutes of exercise 3-4 times a week.

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