4 Stats You Should Know About Your Obstetrician


Many women go to an obstetrician based off of the recommendations of friends and family. Some go to whoever is covered by their insurance or has an office closest to home. Do you really know your obstetrician? Here are four important statistics you should find out about your doctor.

C-Section and VBAC Rates

Find out what percentage of your doctor’s patients end up with a cesarean delivery. If this percentage feels unnecessarily high, you may want to consider another physician. On the other hand, women who have previously had a c-section and want a vaginal birth should be looking out for obstetricians with high VBAC success rates.

Number of Births Attended

Some obstetricians will be able to give you an exact number. Others will have a decent estimate. More births translate into more experience.

Percentage of Patients That Get an Episiotomy

Some doctors perform an episiotomy as a standard practice during delivery. Make sure you know if this is your physician’s practice or if they work with you to avoid unnecessary surgical procedures during the birthing process.

Specialized Training

Ask your doctor if he or she has had training or studies in obstetrics and gynecology beyond medical school, their general residency, and clinical practice. You will want a physician who is knowledgeable and skilled in this specialty field.

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