5 Things to Know before Your First Gynecologist Visit


While most coming-of-age events are pretty exciting, a woman’s first visit to the gynecologist can be terrifying. This is especially true if you don’t know what to expect when you get there. Thankfully, if you understand a few things ahead of time, you can feel a lot more comfortable with the entire experience. Below is a list of important details to consider before your first appointment.

Be Honest and Ask Questions

When you’re approaching the date of your first visit, be sure to reflect on any questions or concerns you’ve ever wanted to ask a gynecologist. The female body can be very confusing during adolescence and young adulthood, so this is your opportunity to get all of those questions answered. Don’t feel embarrassed or shameful. Ask questions or share concerns about any potential issues you’re facing. Just be honest, open, and come prepared with curiosity.

Bring a Friend

If you have a friend or family member that can offer some comfort, bring them along. Having someone to talk to during the waiting stage can help create a sense of calm for you before you go. It’s an acceptable time in a woman’s life to ask for some support.

Don’t Worry about Grooming

Many women will agonize over shaving or waxing before a gynecological exam, but it’s not necessary to worry about that. Your doctor will be concerned with your health first and foremost.

Reschedule If You’re on Your Period

While it’s possible to have an exam while you’re on your period, most doctors will advise against it. You can get inaccurate results from a pap smear, and it can make the rest of the exam very uncomfortable. It’s always best to reschedule.

Everyone Gets Nervous

Last but not least, remember that everyone gets nervous! It’s normal and very common to be just a little anxious, regardless if it’s your first, second or twentieth visit to Dr. John White, Gynecologist in Daytona Beach. Just remember to trust your doctor and share any feelings of uncertainty.


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