6 Things the Baby’s Kick Tell You


Learn What's Inside

Having life growing inside your body is a wonderful thing. However, you might not be sure about everything is going on. If you're concerned about your baby's health, Dr. John White, an OB-GYN in Daytona Beach, can help you find out what's going on inside. Moreover, you may also want to look for various signs that can tell you about the current condition of your future offspring.

Developmental Health

Generally, healthy babies tend to be more active. However, rather quiet babies can also be as healthy as their active counterparts. So, to keep track of your child's well-being consider watching for kicks around the second trimester. Before then, your baby might not be developed enough to kick you hard enough so that you feel it. Moreover, if you're not sure that your baby is doing well, consider contacting Dr. John White, an ob-gyn in Daytona Beach.

Your Own Health

Besides their own health, your baby's kicks can also tell you about your own health. Depending on whether you smoke, have poor eating habits, or poor exercise habits, your baby may kick at abnormal times. The same is true if your baby is stressed or tired. So, if you're not sure about whether or not your baby is kicking at the right times, consider asking someone what a normal kicking schedule should be for your child.

Foods Reviews

If you've felt your baby kicking more after eating something spicy, that might mean your baby loved or disliked the food you just ate. If the kicks didn't hurt you, the baby should be just fine. However, if the kicks were painful to you, take note that your baby probably didn't like what you sent them. Moreover, make sure you stay aware of what's going on as you might want to avoid eating certain foods that baby doesn't like ingesting.

Something's Not Right

Generally, your baby should be kicking at the same rate every day. However, if your baby is kicking less than usual, something might be wrong. You should probably go try resting first. But if you think something isn't right, you might want to contact Dr. John White, an obstetrician near Daytona Beach. You should get medical help as soon as you think something is wrong.

Getting Ready

If your baby is kicking at night at about 9pm to 1am, your baby might be saying that they're getting ready to be born. Your baby might just be starting their nocturnal risings. If this starts to happen, consider taking time to spend time with your child. Touch where your baby is and let them know that you're there to comfort them.

Sugar Rush

If you love sugar, you might find that your baby wants to party in your belly. High sugar foods tend to give your baby a sugar rush. So, if you feel baby kicking a lot after having chocolate or a slice of cake, baby's just burning off the extra energy. However, be careful about sugar you take in. Too much junk food might cause your baby to not be the healthiest.

Listen to Baby

To have a healthy pregnancy, you should always be paying attention to your baby. Their reactions can mean that everything's fine or that there's a problem. Your baby has ways of communicating with you. You just need to look for them. If you're not sure what your baby is saying, have Dr. John White, an OB-GYN in Daytona Beach, check what your baby is communicating.

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