Common Risk Factors for Miscarriage


A miscarriage at any stage of a pregnancy is devastating and can leave women wondering what caused it to occur. Unfortunately, they might not get the answer. Many miscarriages have no known causes, but there are some risk factors that make it more common in certain women. Knowing certain risk factors can help your OB-GYN in Daytona Beach, FL, create a plan for pregnancy to help reduce the risk of a miscarriage. Here's what you need to know.

Lifestyle Risk Factors

There are numerous lifestyle and environmental factors that can influence the success of a pregnancy. This is why an OB-GYN for women in Daytona Beach recommend ceasing certain behaviors during a pregnancy. Substance abuse not only drastically increases the chances of the baby being born with health problems or birth defects, but it increases the chance of miscarriage as well. This include drinking, smoking, and other substances. Exposure to chemicals can also increase the risk, so ask your doctor about specifics if you're around chemicals often. In addition, certain medications and even herbs during pregnancy can be dangerous without doctor approval.

Baby’s Medical Conditions

The baby can have certain medical conditions that increase the risk of miscarriage. Random chromosomal abnormalities are often the cause, because the baby doesn't develop properly. Unfortunately, many women don't know about the abnormality until a miscarriage occurs. There is, however, genetic testing that can determine if chromosomal abnormalities were the cause.

Mother’s Medical Conditions

Issues with the mother's health can also factor into a miscarriage. These issues include infertility issues, diabetes, thyroid disease, overweight, underweight, bacterial or viral infections, STDs, strutural abnormalities, cerviceal abnormalities, septate uterus (divided uterus), unicornulate uterus (smaller than average uterus with only one Fallopian tube), clotting disorders, hormonal factors, or many others.

Miscarriages are a difficult time for everyone involved, but with the proper awareness, there are steps that can be taken to make a more effective pregnancy. If you'd like to know more about miscarriages and potential risk factors, contact John A. White M.D. obstetrics and Gynecology, LLC in Daytona Beach, FL for more details.

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