Creative Baby Shower Ideas


Throwing a baby shower is a fun and useful way to prepare for the welcoming of a little one. There are plenty of creative ideas for games, gifts, decorations, and themes. At John A. White Obstetrics and Gynecology, we have put together a short list of creative ideas for your next baby shower.


It is always fun to have your shower centered around a theme, but recycling the same old themes can get a little boring. Switch it up with something different. Take the word "shower" literally and have a raincloud and rain shower theme. This works particularly for different shades of white and blue. It would also be fun for a spring baby. Nature-inspired themes are always a hit. An ABC theme is also fun; assign a letter beforehand for guests to incorporate into a gift.


Bring the theme into your selection for the food. Cake pops are a popular party treat and make for easy clean-up after the party. It is probably best to stick to finger foods. They are easy to eat and involve fewer dishes or plastic-ware. While treats are always nice, try serving up something healthy as well like fresh humus and veggies.

Games and Activities

It is always nice to have something else to do for guests besides giving presents. Have guests give parenting or other advice on cute notepaper, and put it together in a book for when the new baby arrives. Really get guests involved and ask them to bring their own baby picture. Collect the pictures and have guests guess who is who. Choose an activity or game that will get guests talking and sharing.

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