Diagnosing Endometriosis via Ultrasound


The Numbers

Though endometriosis doesn't affect every woman, it still may affect you or a loved one. In the US, over 11% of the population may contract the disease. It can occur in women between the ages of 15 and 44. Moreover, it commonly affects women during their thirties and forties. However, you can check to see if you're dealing with endometriosis with the help of a 2D ultrasound OB-GYN in Daytona Beach.

Before the Surgery

If you're one of the eleven percent of women dealing with endometriosis, a 2D ultrasound obstetrician in Daytona Beach can help advise you. They can provide you with the necessary information before going through surgery. If you're unsure about what's going on with your body, consider contacting someone about evaluating and diagnosing endometriosis. Don't go uninformed.

The Condition

Besides causing you to have pelvic pain, endometriosis causes tissue to grow outside your uterus rather than growing inside the uterus. Thus, it may affect your bowels, ovaries, bladder, and fallopian tubes. Once the peritoneal layer has been penetrated by tissue, you will start to face infiltrating endometriosis. If you think you might be dealing with any of these issues, consider seeking 2D ultrasound prenatal care in Daytona Beach.


Endometriosis is often associated with pain found in the pelvis, abdomen, and lower back. However, you may also experience such factors as pain during intercourse, infertility, blood in your urine, and painful menstrual cramps. Moreover, be careful if you start to experience gastrointestinal symptoms, heavy periods, or bleeding prior to periods. Watch for these signs as they may be signs that you're dealing with endometriosis.

Check Your Body

As mentioned previously, you probably want to make sure to have all the proper information before going through with a surgery. This is partly because you want to check for any lesions and get a proper evaluation. Imaging tests can be vital to having a successful surgery. An ultrasound can help your obstetrician diagnose what you're dealing with.

Get Help

When in doubt, consider contacting a 2D ultrasound OB-GYN in Daytona Beach. Ultrasounds are ideal if there are lesions in the rectum and lower sigmoid colon. Rather than having to come back in for one more visit, an ultrasound might save you time. Besides, it's a procedure that's normally more comfortable. So, if you're concerned about dealing with more pain, an ultrasound might be your best option.

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