Do You Really Need to See Your Gynecologist Every Year?


Here at the office of John A. White M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology, LLC, we are asked all the time if the annual gynecology checkups are really that important. Our answer could be stated in a single, very loud and emphatic word: YES. Yes, your annual checkup with your gynecologist is very important for many reasons including, but not limited to the following:

  • We check for cervical cancer: The Pap smear that you dread so much is our way of determining whether or not you have any signs of cervical cancer. Far too many women die of this disease every year, which is tragic as it is easy to detect when the right tests are done.
  • Aging can change things: As you get older, your body will start to change. When we assess these changes every year, we can help you stay feeling young and healthy with the right supplements.
  • Many women's health issues are subtle: Women face a lot of deadly diseases that are very subtle in nature. Cervical cancer, anemia, polyps, breast cancer, hormone imbalance, thyroid disease, and other such issues can all cause major problems without you realizing it. We can identify and help you heal from these diseases.
  • Sets a good example: When you show your daughters that you take your gynecology visits seriously, it will set a good example of health for them. This example could one day save their lives.

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