Exercise during Pregnancy: Learn Why It’s Important


There is no doubt that pregnancy is both amazing and life-changing. It has, however, many physical downsides. Fatigue, nausea, emotional upheaval, swollen extremities, etc. are just a few of the joys that come with a little one growing inside you. Another downside is the tendency to shelve exercise during a pregnancy. Exercise is still vitally important, but many put it aside until after when they are trying to get back in shape; this is a mistake. It is also why Dr. John White, OB-GYN in Daytona Beach emphasizes health exercise for all his pregnant patients; here are his reasons why.


A body in motion tends to stay in motion is the slogan of a joint medicine for those aging, but it also holds true for younger folks and pregnant women. Exercise releases endorphins and hormones and helps pick us up mentally and emotionally. It also helps prepare our bodies for the rigors of life, according to Dr. John White, Obstetrician in Daytona Beach, which can be quite extreme during a pregnancy.

Tackles Weight Gain

One of the most dreaded aspects of pregnancy is putting on weight and then struggling to take it off. Exercise not only helps keep the excess weight at bay, it also helps take it off easier. Plus, if you are used to exercising, getting into the groove of it after a pregnancy will not take as much mental and physical effort.

Controls Depression

Postpartum depression can be devastating and in the worst cases, dangerous to the mother and the child. Exercise helps keep it away. The endorphins and hormones released help fight it, sleep comes easier and stress is reduced. Each of those plays a huge role in fighting off depression and preventing it from taking hold.

Labor Help

Exercise helps with labor because it increases stamina and muscle tone, which makes it easier to address the physical ordeal that is labor. Physically fit mothers generally have an easier time going through labor than those who are not physically fit. A body that is toned and in shape is just better prepared for the challenges of labor.

The reality is that while all women benefit from exercise, women who are pregnant benefit as much if not more, given the unique physical demands of pregnancy. If you are pregnant, Dr. John White, OB-GYN in Daytona Beach, strongly encourages you to do all that you can to remain as healthy as possible and that includes a rigorous and consistent exercise schedule.

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