How Often Should I Visit My Gynecologist?


Many women dread gynecological examinations, as some tests are uncomfortable. However, the tests are necessary to ensure good health. If there is anything wrong, you will be notified at once. Treatment can be started immediately.

This explanation does not answer the question about how often you should schedule an appointment with us. In general, patients see our specialists once a year for a routine pap smear. However, there are exceptions. Here are 3 reasons to come see us more often.

Active Love Life

Do you have an active love life? Do you switch partners often? Your chances of contracting certain transmitted diseases are higher. You should be monitored. Discuss your concerns with us, and we will complete all necessary tests. An early diagnosis and starting treatment fast can prevent a lot of pain and stress.


It is best to schedule regular appointments to ensure your well-being and that of your unborn child. Many pregnancy complications can be prevented through ultrasounds, blood tests, and other examinations. Our trained staff also offers advice to first-time mothers. Your mind will be at ease, which is better for the unborn child.

Risk of Disease

Regular screening can be helpful if you are a candidate for certain cancers like uterine, breast, and cervical cancer. Share your complete medical history with us. Let our staff know if certain illnesses or conditions with reproductive organs are common in your family.

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