How Often Should You See Your OBGYN When Pregnant?


Being pregnant is a big deal. Even if you have read all of the books that have been written on pregnancy, you will find that once you get pregnant, you will have one thousand new questions. But you don’t have to go through pregnancy alone. Visiting with your OBGYN will give you a chance to get your questions answered by a professional. But how often do you see your OBGYN during pregnancy?

Many women aren’t sure of this, but there is a standard that most doctors go by. Your first visit to the OBGYN can be anytime during the first month of pregnancy, but should definitely be before you hit the 12-week mark. Throughout weeks 4 to 28, you will have 1 prenatal visit per month; weeks 28 to 36 will have you in the office once every 2 weeks; and as you near the end of your pregnancy in weeks 36 to 40, you should see the doctor once per week.

While some women choose to visit the doctor less often or not at all, we suggest that you follow this schedule for prenatal visits on a regular basis. Being checked will help you and the doctor know of any concerns that need to be addressed. And what mommy doesn’t want to hear her baby’s heartbeat on such a regular basis?

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