How Probiotics Impact Your Vaginal Health


Too few women understand how to properly tend to their vaginal health, and this is especially true among teens. But understanding your vagina's health and how different things affect it can make a huge difference in your overall well-being. If you're looking to improve your vaginal health, you might want to consider taking probiotics. Here are a few ways probiotics can keep your vagina healthy. To learn more, contact a gynecologist for teens in Daytona Beach.

Maintain Proper pH Balance

Maintaining a proper pH balance is one of the most important parts of vaginal health. This balance is maintained by certain healthy bacteria. But anything from antibiotics to perfumed vaginal washes can disrupt that balance, kill off the healthy bacteria, and even promote the growth of unhealthy bacteria. Probiotics, however, can help to promote the growth of the right kind of bacteria to maintain your vagina's optimal pH balance. And when those pH levels are where they should be, your vaginal health will improve significantly.

Prevent Thrush and BV

When your vaginal pH levels get out of balance, you may be prone to conditions like thrush and bacterial vaginosis (BV). While medications and ointments are best for treating these conditions when they occur, once they are under control again, you will be more prone to future outbreaks. The best way to prevent those relapses is by taking probiotics to ensure the healthy bacteria continues to grow and thrive.

Improve Other Aspects of Health

In addition to helping improve your vaginal health, probiotics can also help to significantly improve your bowel and gut health. The healthy bacteria in your digestive tract helps your body to break down food into essential nutrients for your body. Just as it does with your vagina, a probiotic supplement can help promote the growth of this healthy bacteria and prevent digestive issues like constipation, diarrhea, and irritable bowels.

To learn more about how probiotics can improve your vaginal health, and see if they are the right choice for you, contact a gynecologist in Daytona Beach.

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