How Soon Should You Be Seeking Obstetric Treatment?


Finding out that you are expecting a little one can be both very exciting and nerve-wracking. It can also feel like your due date will never arrive, yet at the same time how will you ever be ready for their arrival in only 40 weeks? One of the biggest decisions to make is when to begin obstetric treatment. For most of our patients at John A. White M.D. Obstetrics and Gynecology, the answer is as soon as you know you are pregnant. For others, it may even be best to schedule your appointment before pregnancy.

First Prenatal Visit

Once your pregnancy test is positive, you will want to alert your obstetrician. This allows them to work with you throughout the pregnancy, including for prenatal health, labor, and directly after childbirth. Generally, your first appointment will be during your eighth week of pregnancy. If you have a medical condition, a history of difficult pregnancies, or certain symptoms such as pain, bleeding, or severe nausea and vomiting, your obstetrician may suggest scheduling your appointment before eight weeks.  

Before Pregnancy

In some cases, you may wish to schedule an appointment as soon as three months before you plan to conceive. This can allow your obstetrician to help you achieve the best health possible before your pregnancy by checking for anemia, suggesting diet and exercise, discussing potential problems that may affect your ability to conceive, recommending what medications to avoid, and suggesting prenatal vitamins along with a general physical exam. Such an appointment may be especially beneficial for those who suffer from a medical condition that would require close monitoring of the pregnancy from day one.

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