Intimate Hygiene Habits No One Wants to Talk About


When you get down to it, women get the short end of the intimate hygiene gamut. Women have more and more intimate “parts” and more can go wrong with them if not properly managed and maintained. Here are a few intimate hygiene issues just about every woman has to cope with that left alone, can end up with a visit to the emergency OBGYN in Daytona Beach.

Thongs Can Be Problematic

A thong is sexy. It is also, if not maintained properly, an invitation to an infection. Working from back to front, thongs can expose a woman to vaginal infections, UTI’s and general irritation. Regularly changing a thong and always following washing and storage instructions is key to making sure the thong is just sexy and not a highway for bacteria.

Dampness Is an Enemy

Whether we are talking about swimsuits or underwear, damp undergarments can lead to chafing, blisters and even infection. Regularly changing and washing undergarments and changing them as soon as possible if they become wet is critical to avoid all three of those risks. Damp undies also are a haven for bacteria and viruses; both love warm, wet, dark areas that allow them to reproduce and take over with reckless abandon.

Undergarment Hygiene

Both men and women put themselves at risk by wearing their undergarments for more than a day or by not washing them with soap and hot water on a regular basis. The same principle of hot, wet and dark applies to your underwear. It can become a breeding ground for bacteria. When that happens, skin irritations and infections become much more likely.

Feminine Products Have a Short Shelf-Life

When you think about what feminine hygiene products are subjected to, it is no wonder their shelf-life is very short. In fact, they must be changed at least every six hours, regardless of where a woman is in her cycle. This is because bacteria that reside in blood and sweat can cause an infection, rash and in extreme cases with tampons, Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can kill you or lead to an emergency visit at an OB-GYN in Daytona Beach, Florida. Additionally, not changing products often enough can create the perfect environment for fungus, which can lead to numerous health issues.

Menstrual Health Affects More Than Your Immediate Comfort

No one wants a visit to the emergency OB-GYN for a hygiene related illness or infection. If a person gets infections often, though, the risk is more grave. That can lead to infertility, scarring and permanent damage to the reproductive tract. The easiest way to avoid these risks is to always make sure you follow proper hygiene practices.

Personal hygiene is obviously very important on a number of levels, least of all that n neglecting it can lead to a visit for an emergency OBGYN in Daytona Beach. Intimate personal hygiene, however, takes hygiene concerns to the next level.

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