Is Breastfeeding the Right Choice for You?


Many studies have shown that breast milk is the best nutrition for an infant. For a lot of moms, breastfeeding for at least some amount of time is a good fit. It really depends on you and your baby. There are a few things to think about that may help you make the best decision for your circumstances. Consider what is most important to both you and your baby.

First, are you happy with breastfeeding? Some mothers are very excited to breastfeed, and it is something they genuinely enjoy doing. Others may have a difficult time getting baby to feed, some experience pain with breastfeeding, and others simply do not like it even if it is easy. Second, is baby happy and doing well with breastfeeding? We realize that not all babies are the same. You may a have an infant that latches right on and feeds well each time. Alternatively, it could be that your baby does not latch as easily or has a hard time tolerating breast milk for some reason.

Both mother and infant need to be okay with the feeding situation. The most important thing about feeding a baby is properly feeding the baby. In the end, if the baby is getting adequate nutrition and is happy, then you have made the right choice.


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