Is It Safe to Exercise While Pregnant?


There are many benefits to exercising during a pregnancy. Some of the benefits are that you will feel better, be more physically prepared to give birth, get back to your pre-pregnancy weight much more quickly, and have a healthy glow. Whether or not you had a regular exercise routine before the pregnancy, we recommend you do some sort of exercising throughout your pregnancy, while consulting with your doctor.

Exercise that is of moderate intensity typically has very little risk for a pregnant woman that has a pregnancy with no complications. If you get overly tired, leak any fluids of blood, experience shortness of breath that is not normal, your heart starts pounding, you feel dizzy, start feeling contractions, or experience pain of any kind while exercising when you are pregnant, you should stop whatever you are doing. Then you need to consult with your doctor before continuing with that particular kind of exercise.

Some of the exercises we recommend for pregnant women are swimming, yoga, dancing, Pilates, walking, water aerobics, and biking. When you are beginning a safe exercise program, start with small increments of exercise time and then build up to 30 minutes. Dress in comfortable clothing, take plenty of water with you to keep yourself from becoming dehydrated, and consider exercising inside on hot days. But most importantly, listen to your body and ask your doctor questions if you have any concerns.

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