Preparing Yourself for Your First Ultrasound during Pregnancy


You’re pregnant and quickly realizing that growing another human inside you really does take a village. More specifically, several doctors, nurses, specialists and hopefully very doting family members. All these people come equipped with tests and exams that you have to be prepared for! One of these appointments will no doubt be with a 2D ultrasound gynecologist in Daytona Beach. Read on to learn more about what to expect from this appointment.

Before the Appointment

Your doctor will likely ask that you drink a specific amount of water before coming to your appointment, (usually around 24 ounces worth). This is to put a bit more pressure on the uterus to keep the baby from moving around excessively during the exam so that they can get a clearer image.

Dress Appropriately

At this appointment, your 2D ultrasound OB-GYN in Daytona Beach will be using an ultrasound to examine your uterus. To do so, they will need access to your belly. You should plan on wearing stretchy pants, (but who really needs another excuse to wear yoga pants), and a loose-fitting shirt to make it easier for your doctor to perform the ultrasound and keep you from needing to strip down entirely.

Be Prepared

During the ultrasound, your doctor will squirt a jelly onto your abdomen. This doesn’t irritate the skin but wiping it off at the end of the appointment may induce some itchiness or discomfort, so it is a good idea for you to bring some lotion to sooth the area. It's also a good idea to bring a pad just in case you experience any additional discharge after the exam.

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