Pros and Cons of Using an Epidural during Delivery


There are a lot of implications and choices that a woman has to make to create the ideal birth process for her and for the baby. One of the choices that she needs to make involves whether to have an epidural or not. Here are some of the pros and cons that we see of using an epidural during delivery.


Longer Labors: Complications to the baby and an increase in the mother or baby’s blood pressure means that epidurals can sometimes result in longer labors.

Detachment: Some women who choose not to have epidurals do so because they want to feel like they are more part of the process rather than an observer.


Relaxed Labor: Mothers who are laboring through the night or for a long time are able to sleep and relax when they have an epidural, which means less stress on the baby as well.

Pain-Free Labor: The most obvious benefit of an epidural is that women can endure childbirth without feeling any pain. This can make childbirth a more positive experience.

Using an epidural during delivery can be very beneficial to you and to the fetus, but there may be reasons to not use it as well. Whether you opt for an epidural for your labor and delivery or not depends on what is important to you during childbirth and the experience you want to have.


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