The Dangers of Drinking Alcohol while Pregnant


Learning you're pregnant may be one of the most exciting times in your life; however, alcohol is one thing that should not accompany your celebration. Although some findings may show that occasional drinking is harmless, there are many dangers of alcohol in pregnancy that can be completely avoided by simply abstaining throughout pregnancy.

Pregnancy Complications

Consuming alcohol during pregnancy increases the risk that the pregnancy will end in miscarriage, preterm birth, or even stillbirth. Although some pregnancies do end in miscarriage or stillbirth for no apparent reason, you don't want to increase those chances by drinking alcohol.

Effects on Baby

Your baby is unable to metabolize alcohol as well as your body can. This means the alcohol stays in your baby's system much longer, increasing the chances of numerous complications, including

  • Fetal alcohol syndrome, which affects the baby's physical and cognitive development
  • Birth defects
  • Low birth weight
  • Intellectual and behavioral disabilities
  • Vision or hearing problems

Avoiding Alcohol

Although some may argue that alcohol in small amounts consumed sparingly is not harmful, there is no way to gauge how much is too much. You can completely avoid fetal alcohol syndrome and greatly reduce your chances of other problems by avoiding it altogether. This may be difficult to do, so involve a spouse, family members, or friends to help support you in your endeavor. If you need additional help in avoiding alcohol, contact our office for tips and resources.

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