What Are the Symptoms for Colic in Babies?


If your baby seems to always be cranky, your friends and family may say that the baby is a "colicky" baby. Parenting a colicky baby isn't easy, but how can you know for sure that your baby actually has colic, and isn't just cranky? It's a bit of a fine line, but we have a few things that you can look for:

  1. Persistent crying - Babies cry. That's natural. But if your baby is crying more than 3 hours a day on more than 3 days a week for 3 weeks or more, you can be fairly certain they have colic.
  2. Intense crying - As a parent, you know your baby's normal cry, and you know their "something's wrong" cry. If your baby's crying is more intense than normal and is closer to a high-pitched scream, then they probably have colic.
  3. Can't soothe - A non-colicky baby can usually be soothed with feeding, burping, rocking, etc. If absolutely nothing is working to soothe your baby, and they seem to be crying for no reason, it might be colic.
  4. Other symptoms - In addition to crying, you may notice a few other symptoms in your baby. While crying, they might arch their back and clench their fists, or curl their arms and legs close to their body. They may become flushed or pass gas while crying because they've swallowed air. They may also tighten their stomach muscles, and you may even notice a bloated tummy.

If your baby is displaying symptoms of colic, speak to your doctor right away.


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