What Is a Pap Smear?


As a woman, it is suggested that you get a pap smear every year. We have found that while many women know how important this is, they are not exactly sure what exactly a pap smear is, or why it is so important to have done on such a regular basis. If this describes you, then you have come to the right place. The following is a quick rundown of what this is, and what it should mean to you.


Who needs a pap smear? Any woman over the age of 18.


What is a pap smear? It is a collection of cells from your cervix that is tested for signs of infections or major conditions. The main one we are looking for with this test is cervical cancer.


When should you get a pap smear? A woman over the age of 18 really should have this simple procedure done once a year. It is not fun or comfortable, but it is important.


Where should you get your pap smear? Your regular gynecologist can handle this for you.


Why should you get an annual pap smear? This is the most important part for you to understand. Cervical cancer kills many women every year, and that is a tragedy as it is so easy to detect even in early stages. These annual tests can help us see if there are conditions that need attention. The earlier we catch cervical cancer, the faster we can begin treatment, and the higher chances we have of saving a life.

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