What to Do after Your Water Breaks


Every person's body is different, so it makes sense that not one birth is going to be exactly the same as another. Some people may say that you'll have quite a bit of time after your water breaks before you will need to be in a hospital, but it is best to have a plan beforehand and make sure you get to the hospital or birthing center as soon as possible just in case. Here is a list of things you should do after your water breaks.

1. Don't Panic

There have been numerous studies about how anxiety and stress can affect the baby in the womb, and all of them agree that stress is not good for your child. So when you know you are about to give birth, take deep breaths that you practiced in your birthing class and grab your bag.

2. Grab Bags and Paperwork

If you are expecting to go into labor, then you should have a bag of essential items ready to take with you. You should have comfortable clothes, toothbrush, warm socks, and other things to make you feel at ease. You should also bring your insurance cards and IDs.

3. Call Your Doctor

Your doctor, or team of doctors, always want to know when you go into labor. Some like to show up at the hospital and stay with you throughout the process, and some like to come at the end and let you relax with your partner. Either way, they should have the heads up. Many times they will call the hospital to let them know that you are on your way and to have a room ready for you.

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