When to Expect the Earliest Ultrasound Heartbeat


Hearing your baby’s heartbeat for the first time is an indescribale feeling. It fills you with joy and excitement to meet your little one. For many mothers, it makes the pregnancy finally feel real. So, when can you expect to hear the ultrasound heartbeat for the first time?

When you visit a 3d ultrasound gynecologist in Daytona Beach, you can expect to hear the heartbeat around the 6–7-week mark of the pregnancy. However, not all women have an ultrasound done this early. Confirming the pregnancy using this technology at such an early stage of pregnancy is often done for one of two reasons: A woman visits her doctor because she is experiencing bleeding, or she’s concerned because of problems with previous pregnancies such as a miscarriage.

What Else Does a 3d Ultrasound Obgyn in Daytona Beach Screen For?

In addition to confirming the heartbeat, a first semester ultrasound is used for other things too. Some of the things checked using an ultrasound include the following:

  • Size of the baby
  • Location of pregnancy (is the fetus in the uterus or is it a non-viable pregnancy in the fallopian tubes)
  • Detect number of fetuses
  • View the gestation sac
  • Assess the condition of the uterus and ovaries

Preparing for Your 3d Ultrasound

To get a clear image of the pregnancy, a 3d ultrasound ob-gyn in Daytona Beach requires that their patients arrive with a full bladder. To achieve the best results, most OBs want their patients to empty their bladder completely one hour before the ultrasound. Then, they request that you drink at least 16oz of water before the ultrasound and not empty the bladder again. This creates the ideal scenario to view the baby and allow the doctor to note everything. However, your doctor does not want you to be in pain. If you’re feeling like your bladder is too full and it’s painful, empty the bladder a little but not all the way.

To learn more about hearing your baby’s heartbeat and accessing the health of the pregnancy using ultrasound technology, consult with a 3d ultrasound gynecologist in Daytona Beach.

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