Where to Find Breast Cancer Support Groups in Your Community


If you have breast cancer, then you know how very isolated this disease can make you feel. Even when surrounded by helpful and loving people, we have seen many of our breast cancer patients feel very alone. In most cases this is because the patients don't feel truly understood. We want you to be able to find groups of people who will have some real empathy for your situation, and who can help you find peace. The following is a list of suggestions you could try to find a group near you:

  • Call the local hospitals: Even if the groups do not meet in the local hospitals, there should be someone there who will know which direction to point you.
  • Talk to your gynecologist: Clinics like ours work with women. As such, we know a lot about the different support systems and groups that are available for people in your situation. Call us, or talk to your local women's centers to get some information.
  • Ask your oncologist: The doctor who is treating your cancer will have some good ideas on where you can find the kind of group you are seeking. They work with patients in your situation all day every day, and will have found some solutions.
  • Consult your city council: In some cities, the city council will actually fund and put together groups like a good support system for breast cancer patients and survivors.

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