Your Summer Pregnancy Survival Guide


Being pregnant is a wonderful time, but it comes with more than its fair share of difficulties. This is especially true if you're pregnant during the heat of the summer. With your extra body weight and increased blood flow, you're already running a slightly higher internal temperature. The last thing you need is for the blazing sun to make you even hotter!

Here are our top tips for surviving the summer when you're pregnant.

Stay Hydrated

The amount of water you drink is directly related to the amount of amniotic fluid in your womb, so it's vital that you stay hydrated for your own health and for the health of your unborn baby. This is especially important in the summer, when the heat can make you sweat and cause you to lose fluids quickly. It's best to always keep a water bottle with you, and drink throughout the day to ensure that you're hydrated.

Use Sunscreen

Some pregnant women experience discoloration of the skin during pregnancy. This usually appears in brown patches on the arms, hands, and even the face. It is caused by hormones affecting your skin pigmentation, but the issue can be exacerbated by the sun, so use plenty of sunscreen when you go outside, and avoid the sun altogether when you can.

Stay Cool

Take what measures you can to stay cool during the summer. Getting overheated is easy when you're pregnant, and it's bad for your baby. So stay in the shade, soak in a pool, or just stay indoors on those extra hot days.

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